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Health & Wellbeing event feedback

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Following the health and Wellbeing event held on 13th June, the exhibitors were asked for their feedback about the event. Here are a few of their comments:

  1. Information received prior to the event
    We were fully informed well in advance of the day.
    Very informative.
    Always good.
    We had sufficient time to be informed about the event.
    Kept informed at all stages.
    Excellent as always.
    Received plenty of information prior to the event.
    As always plenty of notice and information in the run up to the event.
    Lots of information, emails and attachments prior to the event.
    Really helpful to see the list of exhibitors attending.
    Kept informed regularly with updates.
  1. Location of the event
    Great venue with ease of access in a lovely location.
    Great location, plenty of room.
    Lovely venue, lovely people.
    Nice venue
    Easy to locate.
    Good as always.
    Spot on and meets the needs of awareness.
    Centrally located.
    Good venue.
    Easy to find, found parking ok thanks to being informed beforehand. Free parking.
    A great location, local and street parking and within walking distance of much of the village centre.
    Perfectly placed within the community.
    Local to the heart of the community and perfectly placed next to the doctors.
    Perfect as normal.
  1. Refreshments
    Enough for everyone.
    Great refreshments, lovely cakes.
    Fresh cakes, teas, coffee, very welcoming.
    The lady doing the refreshments didn’t know what the event was so I explained everything to her.
    Nice to see fruit as well. Very good.
    There was a variety of refreshments.
    Always good.
    Lots of choice.
    Lovely thank you.
    Excellent cake and coffee.
    I had coffee and biscuiys and they were perfect for the event. Well done to the ladies serving them.
    Perfect and very welcome.
    Helen our Care Coordinator makes great cakes.
  1. Was the event useful for your organisation?
    It gave our clients a change to meet other services and champion their recovery.
    Spoke to people and dave out guest passes.
    As always very useful to take to patients and networking.
    Very informative and educational.
    Networking and informing people.
    Networking and referrrals.
    Absolutely, we had good networking with other organisations where we can signpost our service users.
    A lot of useful contacts made with the public and other participants.
    Wonderful connections.
    Connections made already planning to work alongside two different programmes.
    Good networking with public and partners.
    Well attended.
    Great networking and talking to members of the public.
    The event presents a great opportunity to engage with other groups/organisations as well as the public
    Made new contacts and helped people with advice and support.
    Really useful to use to be able to support our local community.
    Took a bit of a battering from patients but it worked really well.
    Excellent to catch up with all the different organisations. I was able to update my details for some and what they are currently offering. Also meet a few new organisations that may be useful in my job role.
  2. Would you support a similar event if held in 2025
    No comments expect everyone responded yes.
  1. What changes, if any would you like to see if a similar event was held in 2025?
    Good local event and variety of organisations.
    None, it was just perfect.
    None, excellent as always, thank you.
    No changes, great event.
    It was very well organised and had a good range of services. Thank you for inviting us. Unfortunately some
    organisations left before the end which I think frustrated some people who arrived near the end.
    None. Perfect Event thanks for the invite.
    4 forms put None.
    Nothing everything was brilliant.
    None fine as it is.
    More of the same.
    For myself parking nearer the event drop off and collection information would be great
    Re publicity could we please have a just image and text for instagram as well as posters
    It was a really good event Well Done.
    I think you have a willing formula, so I would not change anything. Along with the Barton under Needwood
    this is an event that is always in my diary.
    Access to Wifi so we could put our website up to show people.
    Can we hold it on a half day closure so more of our team can join. Maybe look at an evening session?
    Nothing, well organised, plenty of information from all the organisations. Shame Pharmacies were not
    represented it may have helped all those who have repeat slips on the process that the pharmacy
    go through with a prescription.