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Parkinsons Study

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We are seeking individuals with Parkinson’s disease who are either:
not yet taking medication
taking Ropinirole as part of their medications (also known as Requip, Repinex, Aimpart, Ippinia, Ralnea, Raponer, Ropilynz, Ropiqual and Spiroco).

We aim to look at the mechanisms underlying how you control your movements. To examine this, we will measure your brain activity during a simple task involving finger movements, using non-invasive brain stimulation and recording techniques.

The study involves two 3-hour sessions, which take place at the University of Birmingham.

We provide compensation of £10/hour (approx. £60 total) for your time, cover travel expenses and can provide hotel accommodation.

If you take part in our research, we will learn more about how impulse control is affected in Parkinson’s. In the long term, we hope this information will help us to better predict individuals with a higher risk of developing an impulse control disorder.

If you would like more information, please contact Aliya Warden via email at or phone at 07557028358.
IRAS ID: 328075 (v1 31/07/2023)