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Violent and abusive behaviour

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As an employer, our practice is obligated to ensure the health and safety of our staff.

Additionally, we hold a legal obligation to establish a secure and safe working environment for our staff members.

All patients are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with accepted norms, and any form of violent or abusive conduct towards our staff or fellow patients may result in removal from our practice’s register or even legal actions. Our practice adheres to the NHS guidance on maintaining a zero-tolerance policy.

Our practice strictly upholds a zero-tolerance policy against verbal or physical violence directed at our GPs, staff, or other patients.

In cases where a patient exhibits aggressive or abusive behaviour towards a doctor, staff member, fellow patient, or damages property, our practice will request their removal from our patient register.

Instances of physical abuse are reported to the police as assaults.

We expect all patients to act responsibly and refrain from seeking medical attention while under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

Any attempt to alter prescriptions is illegal and will not be condoned.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of service, you have the right to register with another practice without the need to inform us.

In exceedingly rare situations where a patient repeatedly neglects their responsibilities to the Practice, we retain the right to remove that patient from our patient register.

Unacceptable conduct includes:

Acts of violence
Excessive noise, such as recurring loud or disruptive conversations or shouting
Threatening or abusive language involving swearing or offensive remarks
Derogatory racial or sexual remarks
Malicious allegations concerning our staff, fellow patients, or visitors
Offensive sexual gestures or behaviors
Misuse of alcohol or drugs on practice premises
Drug-related activities on practice premises
Deliberate damage to practice property
Threats or threatening behavior
Zero tolerance:

Our staff members are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

They should be able to perform their duties without being subjected to physical or verbal abuse.

Anyone found engaging in abusive conduct towards our staff, whether in person or over the telephone, will be asked to leave the practice premises.

Such behavior will not be tolerated.

Patient removal from the list:

In exceptional circumstances, a breakdown in the relationship between a doctor and their patient may occur.

If the breakdown is severe, such as instances of physical or verbal abuse directed at any member of the practice team, the doctors may believe that the doctor-patient relationship is irreparably compromised.

We may take steps to remove the patient from the doctor’s list. Whenever possible, we prefer to engage in discussions with the patient to explore potential solutions.

We provide written reasons for removal when it becomes necessary.